Where did 2012 go ??

Wow I thought it had only been a month since my last blog but oh my … 3 months have whizzed by. I am certain that the clock suddenly speeds up once you have children, and then again when you run your own business. I have a fear of losing track of my 30’s in a blur and worry that when I look back in years to come it will be like watching a film stuck on fast forward with scenes of endless running, whizzing and darting with no time to stop and marvel at how quickly the family are growing and life is passing by. I am at times envious of those that choose to take life as it comes and at a sedentary pace rather than facing it head on with risk taking and challenges, but envious only for a moment, before I remind myself that I am actually at my happiest when I am flying around in a flurry of activity, running from children to chores from family to business from hobbies to brainwaves and new ventures… Watch this space !!! My life is far from dull so my New Year’s resolution for 2013 will be to set aside a little more time for reflection before I leap head first into the next chapter. Sorry I digress, but it has just occurred to me that the speed in which time goes by is exacerbated by my running The Baby Loft in that I am often taking bookings for car seats, cots and prams up to 6 months in advance so whilst Easter is featuring heavily for me at the moment everyone else has yet to put their Christmas hat on. So to step back a little, if you do have any visitors coming to stay this festive season then keep us in mind and make it home from home for them by hiring baby equipment for their visit. It makes a lot of sense and comes highly recommended by past Baby Loft customers. I will endeavor to blog again before the year 2012 all but disappears XX