Fun & games during the Games

What an exciting couple of weeks. I personally have really enjoyed the Olympics albeit from the vantage point of my own living room on catch up TV.  Due to the demands of the Baby Loft  and the additional tourists visiting London we didn’t get to attend any actual Olympic events but our equipment certainly did helping us to get into the spirit and partake in the Olympic mania that has swept the country. As you can imagine during the Games a vast amount of our deliveries have been into central London which if I am honest I was dreading and had convinced myself would need be a nightmare and worthy of a gold medal if we managed to get through them all without being snapped in a games lane and receiving a hefty fine, but alas my fears were unfounded as driving in the city the last 3 weeks has been bliss, rush hour ? where for art thou rush hour” ? We have easily transported buggies, cots, car seats,highchairs and play equipment in record times achieving our own personal bests (clever). The roads have been super quiet, the Olympic lanes clearly marked and London has looked fabulous. I cannot remember seeing it so clean & organised before and no roadworks. Yippee…. If only it could stay this way.

My family have also had their share of Olympic involvement. My little girl Olivia made it into the local papers when she got to hold an actual torch when it came to visit her Nursery, and my dad has spent the last 2 years working on the Olympic village & park. My sister had a gold medal in her hands yesterday when she got to meet the fabulous Laura Trott.

All in all a great time had by all, a busy time for the business and a great showcase for our country. Now bring on the Paralympics… whoop whoop !!