Planes, trains, car seats and exploding buggies

So after starting The Baby Loft  two years ago I finally decided that it was high time for a well deserved family holiday. After spending the last two years back & forth meeting families at the airport and not actually leaving the country myself it was definitely our time. So I booked a week away for us in Italy in the Tuscan hills. Not one to make life easy for myself I decided it would be good to also use the experience to again validate the Baby Equipment hire concept, so I decided to take my own buggy & car seat for Olivia. Ohhhh Myyyyyyy never again !!!

Travelling with little ones is a NIGHTMARE. Gone are the days when you stroll leisurely around duty free killing time.

Before even leaving Stansted my husband & I were hauled off by customs officials to be searched and questioned as our buggy has tested positive to having a trace of explosives !!!! I KID YOU NOT…. Apparently this is quite common with buggies as they are wheeled over all types of terrain etc but the stress induced by this did not make for a pleasant start to our travels. Added to this the fact that you have to go to a separate baggage belt for the car seat & remember to leave the buggy at the foot of the aeroplane in the hope that a steward will remember to “toss it literally (glad it was a Maclaren & not one of my iCandy or Phil & Teds) it into the baggage hold. Then upon landing locate everything from various places around the unfamiliar airport then try to balance baby, suitcases, car seats, buggys on a wonky wheeled trolley whilst trying to find a nice english speaking person to direct you to your hire car so you can get away from all of the madness. And I only have the one child……..

I have a renewed admiration for the families that travel with numerous children and mothers that travel alone with their little ones I SALUTE YOU !!

Never again will I travel with my own baby equipment I will hire, hire, hire. I am often told by my customers that my business is a fabulous idea and totally necessary, now I know it 100% for myself.

By the way, the holiday was fabulous just can’t wait until next year, now who can I hire from ????




So after mulitple failed attempts to sit down and start blogging I have finally managed to grab an hour and just get on with it. So where to begin… well I have promised myself that I will endeavour to write a new blog each week, the content of which even I am interested to see. It will basically involve how my life and life at the Baby Loft is evolving & unfolding. You see I currently have two babies in my life, both are roughly the same age there is Olivia my little girl who is almost 3 years old and there is The Baby Loft, my baby equipment hire business which is a tad younger at 2.5 years old. Both of which enhance & enrich my life in different ways of which I will share with you as we go along.

So a little Baby Loft background for you, I started the business whilst on maternity leave with Olivia. She was such a good baby, ate when she was supposed to, slept when she was supposed to that dare I say it I was bored. I would literally save up outings and distribute them to different days of the week so I had a purpose to fill my days alongside my perfectly behaved little baby. I.e food shopping on a Monday, the bank on a Tuesday, baby massage on a Wednesday you get the picture. Luckily I have a hubby who won’t listen to my whinging for too long, to him everything is black & white, so his answer to my boredom was to “do something about it …. think of something that will fill your time and get your brain going again.” I told him about an idea that had been brewing since I had had Olivia concerning Baby equipment rental. He was sold and between the two of us every evening for the next 6 months was spent building & growing the Baby Loft idea.Needless to say my days swung from not having enough to keep me busy to absolute overload, you forget that a newborn that sleeps most of the time is only a fleeting guest and my baby girl quickly became a hive of activity. But hey if I am not busy I am not happy.

So here we are today with an amazing toddler who brightens up my world (more about my lil lady in another blog) two online Baby Equipment hire services called The Baby Loft and Rentabuggy which is a newly acquired business of the same concept that I want to play about with but again we can save that for a later blog.

So back to the businesses. Whats it all about – well in a nutshell we hire out baby equipment and the types of customer that use our service are :-

  • Tourists visiting from overseas (saves the stress of carting all of your own equipment and paying the excess baggage fees to boot). 
  • Grandparents & relations for when family comes to visit (saves having to buy and store equipment that only gets used but a couple of times a year)
  • New mums just wanting to “road test” a piece of equipment before committing to buying it.
  • Hotels, Nurseries & Event planners (venues often lack highchairs & equipment to accommodate young babies)
  • Relocation companies – we can offer baby & nursery packages on short or long term rental
  • Production companies – ever wondered where the baby equipment in shown on TV comes from
SO that is a little taster for you and as you can see there is plenty of reason to hire baby equipment and the demand is ever increasing. Check back in the coming weeks when I will talk a bit more about the general day to day life, business highs & lows, types of products we offer & why including equipment reviews, customer feedback, strange requests the potential blog content list is endless. 
Ciao for now – off to Italy next week so practicing the lingo xx